Dr Suzanne Alder

Dr Suzanne Alder has been working at Busby Medical Practice since 2007 and specialises in health psychology.

Health psychology is concerned with understanding how biological,psychological, behavioral, social and cultural factors combine together to create physical health and illness. The brain participates in every illness to some degree or other.

Health psychologists work closely with other healthcare professionals (e.g., physicians and nurses) to develop a collaborative plan to help you manage your illness, be it physical or mental, and to become as well as you possibly can, especially effectively in cases of chronic illness where complete cure may not be possible. If you are stuck with a chronic condition, the important goal becomes preserving whatever wellness you can so you can live a satisfying and meaningful life.

Dr Suzanne Alder has been in practice as a general and health psychologist for longer than she cares to remember. She enjoys working co-located in medical practices like Busby because it creates a great opportunity to work with the doctors much more closely. She has been at Busby now for approximately ten years. Prior to that she worked in women’s health and supervising a palliative care network. She has a PhD in the psychology of living with chronic conditions (conditions that cannot be cured), and is currently undertaking another PhD through the Medical School at the University of Sydney, exploring ways to work more collaboratively with patients and doctors at the private practice level. She is a Senior Research Fellow with the Education for Practice Institute (CSU) and writes with them. She lives out of town, doing the whole mud building catastrophe with her husband (mid-life crisis gone seriously haywire), raises baby orphan wombats and would like to be a painter when she grows up. She has four children and two grandchildren at last count.


Dr Suzanne Alder is a registered health practitioner in Australia and operates her own health services business at Busby Medical Practice.

ABN 64 100 226 768.